About Us

We at Mazura get our inspiration from our client's individuality and spirit and turn those ideas into unique creations that not only reflect their personality, but also enables them to display it proudly, turning every detail into a personal statement. We approach every new project with this belief at the heart of everything we do, so before we talk we listen to our client's story to ensure that each project design, look and feel is as unique and as special as the storyteller. Our team will help transform any space be it residential, commercial or corporate into your haven by offering the following services:




We help our clients design and build the spaces of their dreams. We work with strategic partners like Atelier Kafrawi and Human Nature for Interior Design and we have our own professional team for interior finishes. We oversee the whole process from design briefing to the delivery of the fully finished space to ensure that every part of our client's story has been told in the most gratifying and accurate manner.




Mazura has its own in house wood manufacturing facility that manufactures custom made furniture and fittings for all our client's spaces. We take pride in our factory team that has been constantly contributing to delivering the highest end customized furniture and fittings for all our clients for the past 6 years. Our facility spreads over 2000 sqm and is fully equipped with the highest end woodworks machinery and our team is comprised of 40 highly skilled workers and professionals.


We look forward to being inspired by your story and invite you to be a part of ours.

Our Beliefs

  • 1
    Integrity. Do we need to say more
  • 2
    Respect. Can't Survive without it
  • 3
    Customization. Everything has to reflect your character
  • 4
    Precision. Everything has to reflect your character... PRECISELY. The accuracy and quality of our work is not something we take lightly.

Have You Seen...


When an esteemed client like El Hokair Group collaborates with Eklego, one of the biggest names in design in Egypt and Grid Fine Finishes one of the best contractors in the market and Mazura the result will surely shock and awe. The intricate wood work design developed by Eklego for this project was executed with unmatched finesse and precision by Mazura to create this master piece sales center for our respectable client. The attention to details and the meticulous construction of each and...

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