Mr. Tarek 6th of October Villa

Take Jack Nicholson in as good as it gets and multiply by 100 only then will you begin to understand how meticulous Tarek (our client) is. This guy measured his identical hand towels folded in order to determine the height of the towel drawer!! So this is one person who doesn't tolerate any mistakes and he definitely met his match by choosing to work with Mazura. Everything in the designs and the execution was neat, sharp and purposeful just as our client was. Without any further ado I leave you to the pictures.


Designer’s notes

"Our client wanted to transform his home into a wonderful, minimalist experience that allowed the use of simple lines, forms and textures in a clean yet elegant manner. The fact that the space allowed intense natural light in helped create a contrast that emphasized the beauty of the furniture with its simple edges and textures. The simplicity of the design along with the contrast of light and shadows helped create a marvelous visual appeal to the whole place."

 - Karim Kafrawi


Woodwork: Mazura
Interior Design & Finishes: FR Partnership
Furniture: Atelier Kafrawi
Photo Credit: Beco G

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