Despite its small size, Kamelizer office was so far the most challenging job we worked on both technically and artistically. From the structural challenges of creating a mezzanine level to create a loft like experience in a 100+ years old building that had no technical data available to the most intricate details of customizing the brass glass wall fixing nails this project was a true roller coaster ride. Every single brick and every single piece of furniture we built holds a rich story behind it and left us with an even richer memory. The result was this showcase office that left everyone in awe and truly set it apart as the Gem of all offices in the beautiful Greek Campus community.

This result couldn't have been achieved without the diligence of Ramzi Ebeid the mastermind behind this eclectic design and the patience and support of our amazing client Hanan Abdel Meguid. Thank you both for giving us the chance to work on such a project of true pride and passion. Also special thanks to the amazing and resourceful Eng. Ayman Thabet who managed to overcome all the structural challenges we faced to build this office.


Designer's Notes:

"The client came up with a beautifully designed business card and logo, and more importantly, a concept. She wanted to create a converted loft feel mixed with vernacular inspirations from around North Africa and the Arab world. The office, like her camel icon, was a representation of her love and work in the region. Mixed with the converted loft feel, the office was meant to be impressive, laid back, and of course, conducive to work."

 - Ramzi Ebeid


Woodwork: Mazura
Finishes: Mazura
Design: Human Nature
Photo Credit: White Studios

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