This was a very challenging job in a very challenging environment for a very challenging designer. PWC office located in the old Greek Campus building in Tahrir was a structural challenge given the very old age of the building and given the tightness of the space. From floor to furniture the whole space was done in White Washed Oak Wood with very sleek injections of PWC corporate colors in furniture pieces. Wood patterns on furniture surfaces had to be aligned with that of the floor wood patterns just in case the ceiling was exposed and you got to see it from your helicopter (we will never forgive you Ramzi :). Hectic as it was the final result was totally worth it, but you be the judge...


Designer’s notes
“PWC wanted to create a welcoming office for start-ups and small to medium business at the GrEEK campus, while still maintaining its’ professionalism. The colorful logo helped inspire our designer to come up with an office that is one of a kind. With a clean, all white background, the use of the logo colors in furniture helped create a contrast that stands out and conveys the true spirit of the PWC team and their core values. “

 -Ramzi Ebeid

Woodwork: Mazura
Finishes: Mazura
Design: Human Nature
Photo Credit: White Studios

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