Karim and Menna Residence

Working with Karim and Menna on their dream home was one of the most gratifying experiences for Mazura. This wonderful family wanted the best for themselves and their kids and after working with several failed contractors over a span of 3 years, they commissioned Mazura to take over the job and what a good decision that was. Execution of everything from the doorstep to the full furnishing of the apartment was executed by Mazura.

Pictures speak a thousand words so we will leave you to a sneak peak of this very cozy and happy home.


Designer's notes:

"The designs for this residence were focused on real modern comfort. The lines, textures and colors provided a timeless effect that will give the residence the ability to travel through the various trends that will unfold over the coming years and still feel current."

 - Karim Kafrawi


Woodwork: Mazura
Finishes: Mazura
Design: Atelier Kafrawi
Photo Credit: Beco G

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